Dragons – Mini-Series

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Photo of Dragons

In a time of freewill, Bruce Walker and his band of burnouts have their freedom noticed by a deranged real estate agent, Paul Alexander. To save their small town and their freedom, Bruce must lead an uprising against Paul that will forever alter the balance between man and machine.

Photo of Bruce Walker
Bruce Walker

Having run with a pack of gypsies throughout his childhood, Bruce is a master at lying and trickery. Vince Stone came into Bruce’s life when they were 13. They met at a flea market and soon Bruce moved in with the Stone family. Six years later he was asked to leave. Losing control comes easy for Bruce in every facet of his life. His talents include skateboarding, growing his hair, rolling joints, creating adventure, and living like a wild animal.

Photo of Vince Stone
Vince Stone

A ladies man, eager to impress and hungry like a wolf, Vince lives and hunts best in a group. Up for anything–even the most asinine of ideas–he’ll die for a good time. Before meeting Bruce, Vince spent a lot of times in the principal’s office for “open mouth kissing” on school grounds. He was a lover and dreamer. Once Bruce entered the picture, he became a filthy, unshaven thief and developed a knack for failure. Only a woman’s touch could tame this wolf.

Photo of Tito Allen
Tito Allen

A loner, painter, tracker and millionaire, Tito has a bone deep appreciation for Native American culture. Though he can afford to buy anything, all he wants is to be free. When his parents divorced, Tito’s dad thought money could buy his love. He was wrong. Tito used that money to learn martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, boating, and survival. When his mother married Paul Alexander, Tito bought a large plot of land and retreated into the woods. Tito is the person to call when one needs help getting lost.

Photo of Eric Ron
Eric Ron

A longhair skateboarder, self-taught philosopher, and leader of the Dragons, Eric Ron lost everything to a tragic house fire on his 12th birthday. From the day forward, he documented everything he saw, said, heard, tasted, felt, smoked and dreamt. The evil real estate agent, Paul Alexander and Eric Ron have been on each other’s shit lists for over 20 years. Eric Ron continues to help the Dragons with the quest to solve the riddle of life and find ultimate freedom.

Photo of Paul Alexander
Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander is a clean-cut man on the outside and ugly as sin on the inside. He owns the militant real estate company Inertron Estates. Paul has dreams of becoming mayor, so he can control everyone and everything in his small town. Paul was expelled from college for expressing an impassioned hatred for everything old, especially anything political or artistic. Paul returned home and created a rivalry with Eric Ron and anyone else who didn’t fit his agenda. Tito’s mother’s money allows Paul to do anything he wants, which could mean trouble for the Dragons and the townspeople.

Photo of Sgt. Bennett
Sgt. Bennett

A Cop? A Security Guard? An ex-marine? A Drill Sergeant? Special Ops? No one knows who Sgt. Bennet is except Paul. The only thing the Dragons need to know is that he wears a badge, hates longhairs and carries a gun.

Photo of Q140

Q140 is a computer mainframe programmed to keep Paul online and two steps ahead of the real estate game at all times. Linked to all of the Intertron Estate properties, Q140 is the live in landlord to all the residents. Q140 can and will shut their power or water off, or even lock them in their homes. If Paul becomes mayor, Q140 will be hard wired to the entire town… giving Paul complete control.