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Leave Let Be

This music project has gone through many phases, has had many homes and many contributors. Leave Let Be is a place where Travis J. Dopp can create music with friends. There’s no roof to how loud the song can be or no dimmer to how quiet they can be… Just creating in the moment, no matter how it’s recorded or who’s in the room. It’s a music project with a lot of sound and moments.

"The 12 Laborers"
Old Point Light

A split album between Leave Let Be & Travis John. Tracks 1-6 are Leave Let Be songs and tracks 7-12 are Travis John songs. "The 12 Laborers" is a collection of recordings and moments from the years 2005-2012. Recordings that were meant to be demos, but now are songs. Recorded and Mixed by: Travis J. Dopp, and Mastered by: Dan Jaquint

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"Repeat The Sound of Joy"
Old Point Light

Recorded at three locations: The Study, The Fort and Tempermill. All songs were put together, mixed and mastered at Tempermill Studios by Dave Feeny www.tempermill.com

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