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WE will only be sharing the record and whatever the record triggers us to write. If our words make zero sense, then use our simple and childish "Emoji” rating system:

5) raised_hands = Bet your ass, this is the BEST
4) facepunch = Damn nice record
3) point_up = Arsenio Hall
2) +1 = You did work
1) poop = What happened?

Think of us as doormen to your record listening experience.


“Becky and Debbie EP”
Old Flame Records

Skating through the backstreets of this small town, grinding every bench and curb in my sights… pushing as fast as I can down the center of main street, looking for the first parked car to do a speed plant off of… I’ve got one in my targets – don’t try to tell me no.


matt and kim

“New Glow”
Harvest Records

Hopscotch in the park will get the treads of your shoes scuffed up pretty good… especially if you do it all day long with your boom box playing your favorite mixes.



“Maze of Woods”
Temporary Residence

Arms raise, slowing the pulse, moving side to side like you’re stuck between a two-foot alley way, but you haven’t lost your way – it’s taking a bit more time to get to the end.


the sidekicks

“Runners In The Nerved World”

Take it easy on your days off, make time for a good bond-fire, put your arm around the person you love, turn your phone off and take in the voices around you.



“Raise the Kids”
6131 Records

The splits are a gymnastic move, principally used in the figure and dance skating move in which one makes their legs parallel to one another, but perpendicular to their body. But it’s also used in Rock-n-Roll. See David Lee Roth.