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WE will only be sharing the record and whatever the record triggers us to write. If our words make zero sense, then use our simple and childish "Emoji” rating system:

5) raised_hands = Bet your ass, this is the BEST
4) facepunch = Damn nice record
3) point_up = Arsenio Hall
2) +1 = You did work
1) poop = What happened?

Think of us as doormen to your record listening experience.


“Supersonic Home”
Run For Cover Records

Spinning in the rain, the umbrella becomes a propeller, cutting out the wind – helping me blast through the storm… I look to my left and then to my right, people are watching… I stop. I realize the storm was all in my head.


spank rock

“The Upside Remixes”
Bad Blood Records

This record describes the nature of a specific dance. It sets the rhythm of the dance; when the dancers do not perform any other steps and return to this basic step for default.


shabazz palaces

“Lese Majesty”
Sub Pop Records

Lost in the world of dirt and wind, blowing secrets past your ears – grabbing onto the deepest words the dirt gives… Pull of your goggles and clean them off – adjust your eyes from the sun and wind… You find the only tree and climb it’s limbs, getting closer to outerspace.



“Dark Arc”

Driving back from Chicago on a late winter night thought we were in the clear, but the last hour was like we were driving through hyper speed star storm… The song We Are All Beads On The Same String guided the four-wheeled steel machine safely.


hot water music

“A Flight and a Crash”

The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity, the definition for Energy is the best way to describe this record.