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WE will only be sharing the record and whatever the record triggers us to write. If our words make zero sense, then use our simple and childish "Emoji” rating system:

5) raised_hands = Bet your ass, this is the BEST
4) facepunch = Damn nice record
3) point_up = Arsenio Hall
2) +1 = You did work
1) poop = What happened?

Think of us as doormen to your record listening experience.

american wrestlers

“American Wrestlers”
Fat Possum Records

Putting together a picture frame can go two ways: quick and sloppy or detailed and precise. Choosing detailed and precise doesn’t mean beautiful, it’s the time you put into your cuts and angles – finding a home for a beautiful picture.



action bronson

“Mr. Wonderful”
Atlantic Recordings

Rolling through the mall, searching for the perfect pair of jeans – in and out of shops, nothing is fitting – nothing is hitting… It’s time to custom an old pair of jeans… pulls out the airbrush gun and start tagging my favorite quotes and designs. Finished. It’s time to dance.



the dodos

Polyvinyl Records

Swaying back and forth – palm trees dropping coconuts onto the beaches, providing refreshing drinks for the locals.



Topshelf Records

Running through the woods, trying to keep up with the birds – feeling the wind blowing across your face, focusing on what the woods gives you for visuals – dodging trees, cutting and dashing in between the low hanging limbs… you stop to grab your breath.



Chill Mega Chill Records

Putting on a pair of comfortable sweat shorts and sitting by a fire can open up the pores… breathing in calm and holding onto peace.