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WE will only be sharing the record and whatever the record triggers us to write. If our words make zero sense, then use our simple and childish "Emoji” rating system:

5) raised_hands = Bet your ass, this is the BEST
4) facepunch = Damn nice record
3) point_up = Arsenio Hall
2) +1 = You did work
1) poop = What happened?

Think of us as doormen to your record listening experience.

sufjan stevens

“Carrie & Lowell”
Asthmatic Kitty Records

Digging through your drawer for the perfect “Date undies” – the ones that will make a statement – bring confidence to your outfit… Found, you officially are put together – you pick up your date, the chatter is perfect, conversation is rolling like a bolder down a hill… Then you get out of the car, you stand up – your pants rip… You stop. She laughs, but then notices your “Date undies”, She says: “You want me to get it to go and then eat it at your place?” You sit back down, and say: Was it the underwears? She nods her head yes.


godspeed you! black emperor

“Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress”

I imagine myself being on the inside of a running microwave surrounded by molten-lava, sweating – panicking – frying – dying… Then the dinger goes off and spits me out into the middle of the sea to cool me down… I find comfort.


kendrick lamar

“To Pimp A Butterfly”
Aftermath, Interscope

Swearing in front of babies isn’t that bad – they don’t know that you’re swearing… You might as well be farting – it’s all just noise to them… I don’t think any parent wants their kids first word to be a cuss word – it’s funny when they do swear though.



Polyvinyl Records

Now this is what people think of when they want a tropical drink. The Banana Cabana is sweet with a pronounced banana flavor with hints of coconut and mango and a pineapple juice punch. Ever order a Yellow Bird? This is basically the same cocktail with a different name.



“Back For The First Time”
Def Jam Records

Driving in a van for many years and many hours – you need music that pumps the tires up and makes you want to jump up and boogie… Jams from this album made me want to take both hands and eyes off of the road and do the jump splits – be careful driving to this one.