Noise and quiet, a rusty bike chain being drug across gears, leaves falling from trees, rockets breaking through the atmosphere, hands laying bricks, voice replacing drums, guitars acting in tune… Not one kind of song or band in general, but a multitude of sounds from different people.

Photo of Hanover

Formed in late 2012 by former members of The Burnouts, Duke lakross, The Bloody Benders, and From the ropes, HANOVER is a marshall/ battle creek based rock band with the intention of making friends, posting stupid videos, and FUCKING RUINING STAGES.

Photo of Leave Let Be
Leave Let Be

This music project has gone through many phases, has had many homes and many contributors. Leave Let Be is a place where Travis J. Dopp can create music with friends. There’s no roof to how loud the song can be or no dimmer to how quiet they can be… Just creating in the moment, no matter how it’s recorded or who’s in the room. It’s a music project with a lot of sound and moments.

Photo of Small Brown Bike
Small Brown Bike

Small Brown Bike is a band from Marshall, Michigan, that started in 1996. After two self-released seven-inches, the band was offered a helping hand from No Idea Records (Gainesville, Florida). The band immediately went to work on the new songs and recorded their first full-length entitled, “Our Own Wars”; (July 1999) and went on to do 3 more full lengths and then some.

Photo of Travis John
Travis John

Started in 1996, In Michigan, with a four-track in his backyard. Travis John is a musician, singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist. Today it’s a computer and whatever instruments and rhythms that are available to help record his stories.

Photo of White Gold Scorpio
White Gold Scorpio

White Gold Scorpio is a songwriting guild with roots in Brooklyn, NY, Diamondale, MI, and San Miguel, Mexico. White Gold Scorpio nestle somewhere amidst the basement horror of Dirty Beaches, Mark Lanegan’s road-wary blues, and the hushed elegance of The National.