This is the home for our moving projects. Webisodes, sketch, features and adventures.

Photo of Dragons

In a time of freewill, Bruce Walker and his band of burnouts have their freedom noticed by a deranged real estate agent, Paul Alexander. To save their small town and their freedom, Bruce must lead an uprising against Paul that will forever alter the balance between man and machine.

Photo of Social Animals
Social Animals


Drawn from live performances, improv and written material, the sketch show Social Animals follows a rotating cast of Chicago actors as they delve into all manner of characters and situations that go straight towards the honest and at times painfully funny truth that no matter how hard we try to be civilized, at the end of the day, we’re all just Social Animals.

Photo of The Tin Man
The Tin Man

An older brother constantly giving younger brother terrible advice. Younger brother carries out each piece of terrible advice like a mission of hope, but only to come back and report the bad news.

Photo of Wild Man
Wild Man

Clay Bauer takes you deep into Mother Earth’s womb and shares her makings, his findings, how to nurture the ground you walk and piss on, takes you off the beaten path and if you respect Mother Earth – you’re never lost in the woods. Wild Man is a web series for the outdoors-man…


A place where our friends and film family can show off their stuff.

Photo of Chingada

Chingada is a cinematic lo-fi project from southern New Jersey, created by Riggy Whitehead. Influenced by low budget films and soundtracks, this b-movie sound features various amigos, samples, and house recordings.

Photo of Hands on Psychologist
Hands on Psychologist


Behind the scenes footage, highlighting a Chicago psychologist’s intensely controversial practice…

Photo of Useless Wooden Toys
Useless Wooden Toys

Skateboarding, here, there, and everywhere.

Examination of the culture of film, photography, and documentation of skateboarding as a culture, a coming-of-age experience, and a socially-dependent process.